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Understanding “Smalltimore”


Growing up outside of Philadelphia, my only impression of Baltimore was from watching “The Wire.” Two of my best friends and I wanted to start a business. Our goal was to launch a mobile application that is the easiest way to find food and drink specials from local bars and restaurants. Phil DiMuro (co-founder) was a sales rep from Boston Beer throughout the Baltimore market. He convinced us Baltimore was the perfect market for our product because of the unbelievable selection of bars and restaurants along with an extremely tight knit community. He always talked about “Smaltimore” and I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

Honestly, I was very skeptical about moving to Baltimore. However, when we got ready to launch our product in June of 2015, Phil and I both quit our jobs to go full-time. In the first 6 months, we have gained over 7,000 users with over 2,000 local bars and restaurants in the system. It has been an amazing 6 months for our company and myself. I have fallen in love with the city. I now understand what “Smaltimore” means and have immersed myself in it. Baltimore has an extremely strong identity and its residents feel an extreme sense of pride. I now love telling people that I am from Baltimore and love that my business Loople can help highlight everything it has to offer.