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Super Good, Super Local, Super Coffee


Sunniva Caffe was a company created in my younger brother Jordan’s dorm room. But to be completely honest, Jordan didn’t create Sunniva Caffe in his dorm room, he created Super Coffee, which is the product that Sunniva Caffe makes. Jordan created Super Coffee purely out of necessity. He was a college basketball player waking up at 5am for practice and spending late nights in the library, so Jordan often was tired. Red Bull energy drinks and the bottled Starbucks Frappuccino were the only thing available as a source of energy, but they were not a solution to Jordan’s need of energy — as they were loaded with sugar and caffeine, as well as a plethora of unhealthy artificial ingredients that impacted Jordan negatively. Jordan faced the problem: There was no way for him to get an actual boost of healthy energy in the morning before class.  So, Jordan came up with his own solution in a blender in his freshman dorm room. It began with blending organic Colombian coffee beans with coconut oil. The healthy fats in coconut oil give you a long lasting boost of focused energy. Jordan then added lean protein to give his “Super Coffee” a delicious creamy taste, without adding the unhealthy fats in a coffee creamy. Jordan’s addition of 10 grams of protein was also a great way to get some healthy calories in his body after his morning workout. Last but not least, Jordan wanted his healthy coffee to be delicious. He started adding organic ingredients like organic cocoa, organic vanilla bean, organic ceylon cinnamon and organic agave to his “Super Coffee” to give it a delicious taste, while still not having to compromise Jordan’s healthy mission!

Sunniva Caffe makes Super Coffee, a coffee designed to maximize Taste, Health, and Energy; utilizing organic ingredients, 10 grams of protein, and coconut oil. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is something my brothers and I strive to achieve in our daily routine. My favorite part of my job is the fact that I get to work towards a common goal with a group of people who share the same passion as I do: To inspire healthy, productive

We moved to Elkridge to be close to our original production facility, Maryland Packaging, located in Elkridge. Due to our company’s expansion, we have since moved out of Maryland Packaging, but still live in Elkridge. Our Business is now located in Rockville, Maryland. It is a great central point between DC and Baltimore. The majority of our retail accounts are located in Baltimore, throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern VA. One of our best accounts is the HarborEast whole foods right in downtown Baltimore.

I love going out to Fell’s Point and going to all of the amazing restaurants on the water. Another thing we love to do as a team (our company) is to get out to the local triathlons and street races. In June, our oldest brother Jim, Sunniva’s CFO, competed in the Columbia Triathlon, in which we were also sponsors of the event. It was a great day and we love connecting with our customers, especially when they are in their element, like the competitive folks who competed in the triathlon.